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  1. Backup to remote storage locations
    To avoid server-wide risks, always backup to remote cloud storage. UpdraftPlus free includes Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace and more.
  2. Cloning and migration
    UpdraftPlus Migrator clones your WordPress site and moves it to a new domain directly and simply.
  3. Anonymisation functions
    Anonymise personal data in your database backups.
  4. Incremental backups
    Allows you to only backup changes to your files (such as a new image) that have been made to your site since the last backup.
  5. Fast, personal support
    Provides expert help and support from the developers whenever you need it.
  6. Pre-update backups
    Automatically backs up your website before any updates to plugins, themes and WordPress core.
  7. Backup non-WordPress files and databases
    Backup WordPress core and non-WP files and databases.
  8. Network / multisite
    Backup WordPress multisites (i.e, networks), securely.
  9. Backup time and scheduling
    Set exact times to create or delete backups.
  10. WP-CLI support
    WP-CLI commands to take, list and delete backups.
  11. More database options
    Encrypt your sensitive databases (e.g. customer information or passwords); Backup external databases too.
  12. Additional and enhanced remote storage locations
    Get enhanced versions of the free remote storage options (Dropbox, Google Drive & S3) and even more remote storage options like OneDrive, SFTP, Azure, WebDAV and more with UpdraftPlus Premium.
  13. Reporting
    Sophisticated reporting and emailing capabilities.
  14. No ads
    Tidy things up for clients and remove all adverts for our other products.
  15. Importer
    Some backup plugins can't restore a backup, so Premium allows you to restore backups from other plugins.
  16. Lock settings
    Lock access to UpdraftPlus via a password so you choose which admin users can access backups.
  17. UpdraftVault storage
    UpdraftPlus has its own embedded storage option, providing a zero-hassle way to download FREE 1GB

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Informasi dan Pertanyaan

T. Apakah Licensi ini Original ?

A. Tentu Saja Original.

T.  Bagaimana Jika Licensi Tidak Original?

A. Akan Saya Refund 100% Jika Licensi Terbukti Tidak Original

T. Masa berlaku untuk berapa tahun ? 

A. 1 tahun, karena lisensi dari officialnya 1 tahun.

T. Boleh Bantu Installkan?
A. Tentu Saja Akan Saya Bantu Sampai Selesai.

T. Apakah ada garansi? 

A. Ya, full garansi sampai plugin bisa digunakan dengan lisensi yang saya installkan.

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Job Quantity
Rp 169.650
Processing Fees
Rp 6.500
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Job Quantity
Rp 169.650
Processing Fees
Rp 6.500
Job Quantity
Rp 169.650
Processing Fees
Rp 6.500

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