The Right Steps to Start a Career as a Freelancer

Know yourself
Before deciding to work in the freelance world, you should first recognize your talents and interests. The skills you have will be the initial capital to build your future career. You must know what field makes you passionate about it. Not everyone is suited to the remote working style typical of freelance workers, so you have to be honest and open with yourself, don’t force what doesn’t make you comfortable.

Try it first
Choosing to become a freelancer and leaving a full-time job is not an easy thing. It is highly recommended to choose one or two light freelance jobs first while still an employee. Don’t be tempted by the flexibility of work that looks fun, if it doesn’t match your work style it will be a nightmare for your career.

Increase your work and portfolio
To be noticed by many companies and promising freelance offers, you can collect some of the best work you’ve ever made according to your expertise. If you love and are interested in photography, you can use Instagram as your exhibition space.

Clean up social media
Usually, to recruit freelance workers, companies do not conduct direct interviews, HRD only selects candidates through their CV profile or even social media. For this reason, for those of you who feel that your social media content does not support your career, it is better to start cleaning it up. To optimize social media as a means of developing your freelance career, CEO of TopKarir, Bayu Janitra has ways. First, follow inspirational accounts that can expand your thinking, second create interesting and informative content that invites discussion by many people, third make your social media a means of spreading kindness.

Do market research
Before starting a career as a freelancer, you must be familiar with the scope of compensation you can get. Find out information about estimated rates and reasonable assignment deadlines on the internet or ask your friends who have already made a career as a freelancer.

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