5 Easy Ways to Get Freelance Work Projects for Beginners

Easy Ways to Get Freelance Work Projects

Apart from the flexible time and place of work, freelance work can be said to be easy to difficult. Yes, being a freelancer means you have to be ready to work independently and depend on yourself.

There is no boss who will give you work projects on a regular basis. However, this condition should not make you afraid to work freelance.

TopKarir has some tips to get freelance work projects for beginners. What are they? Let’s take a look at the following reviews.

  1. Build Personal Branding

As mentioned above, a freelancer depends on himself. For this reason, having a strong personal branding is the main key to becoming a freelancer.

There are many ways you can do to build personal branding. One of them is utilizing social media such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Update your social media account profiles, write in the description column that you are a freelancer. Including a link to your online portfolio can be a plus.

  1. Create an Online Portfolio

In this digital era, there are many platforms and websites that provide archive facilities. Or you can utilize a blog to showcase your work such as writing, images and others.

Your portfolio will be the client’s main consideration when hiring a freelancer. They certainly don’t want to take risks in the future if it turns out that they get freelance workers who are not qualified in their fields.

  1. Build the Widest Network Possible

Although you can’t rely on others, at least don’t forget to build as wide a network as possible. Many freelancers get their first job from the people closest to them.

You can offer your work to friends, family, neighbors or colleagues. If they don’t hire you, they might help you get clients through word of mouth. For that, establish good communication and friendship with anyone.

  1. Join a Freelancer Community

Apart from the people closest to you, another way to expand your network is by joining a freelancer community. You can find them on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

There you can learn from other freelancers who may be more experienced. It is possible that your relationship with other freelancers will bring you work projects.

  1. Search for Freelance Jobs

Don’t worry about having trouble finding work when you become a freelancer. Because now there are many platforms that provide job vacancies for freelancers, one of which is TopKarir.

To get the freelance project you want, you must first download the TopKarir application on your cellphone. After that, fill in the profile until it is 100% complete.

Next, select the freelance column and click “view account”. Fill in the ‘About Me’ column with as interesting a self-description as possible. Starting from your passion, strengths, experience to skills so that companies or prospective clients can recognize you.

In the ‘Expertise’ column, select some of the skills that you have and master to increase your potential client’s trust in you. To further convince companies and prospective clients, add your work or portfolio in the column provided.

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