Freelance Work While Studying? Here’s how!

Freelance work while studying? Here’s How – When the pandemic hit, and social distancing policies were implemented, many companies made Work From Home regulations for their employees. Even though long before the pandemic, this kind of work style already existed. They are freelancers or freelancers.

These freelance workers are usually students who want to increase their income, although many are also done by professionals. Well, for those of you who want to start freelance work but are confused about starting, you can read this article until the end.

Why Work Freelance While Studying?

Studying alone is already time-consuming, what if while working too? Some of you must be thinking like that. Actually, freelance work is not only about how to get extra income, but actually working while studying can also support your career in the future. Here are some reasons you can consider working freelance while studying.

Train Adaptability
The work environment is definitely different from the college environment. Whether done online or offline, both require certain adaptations in order to survive. Living in a different environment can help you to improve your adaptability and communication skills.
Being involved in the working world, you can learn different communication styles from various groups. This will help you to have a broader perspective in interacting with any environment.
Learn effective time management
By deciding to study while working freelance, you are required to manage your time well. Being accustomed to managing your time will produce a disciplined person. This time management skill will continue to be honed and can support the quality of life and career in the future. With good management, the habit of delaying work can be reduced, also reducing the risk of delayed work from the target.
After graduating, you already have work experience
Many companies require work experience for their applicants. This makes it difficult for fresh graduates to get a job. Job applicants cannot just rely on GPA alone, because basically, companies are looking for applicants who are ready to follow the company’s flow as soon as possible.
Being a student while working freelance will be an added value for you when you graduate. On your curiculum vitae (CV), you can include your work experience as a competitive edge over other applicants. This work experience can be a bargaining chip for the amount of salary offered.
Improve Your Quality
By studying while working freelance, you have many opportunities to explore your abilities. You have a wide opportunity to learn the skills needed in the world of work. Of course, this will support your future career. If you work in the same field as your major, you can explore and apply your knowledge directly. The theory that you have been learning can be applied directly.

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