Terms and Conditions of Use of Yorsha.com

The following will be an agreement between you and the Yorsha site covering all information, money spending, and services on Yorsha that you must follow.
By using the site, registering a user account, or clicking agree to the contract, you agree and follow this agreement. This agreement includes our written privacy policy. You cannot use our site if you do not agree to the contract or privacy policy mentioned below.
Yorsha.com reserves the right to edit these terms and conditions at any time. If there are any changes, Yorsha.com will indicate the new contract on this page.

You can contact us through Customer Service if you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions.

Important Terms

A job is something or a service that is ordered through Yorsha.

Freelancer is a user who announces and submits works or services on Yorsha that are agreed upon according to company rules.

Employer is an employer on Yorsha who agrees to the company rules.

User is a person who visits the Yorsha website or uses any service on Yorsha which includes freelancers and employers.

Job Details page is a page where freelancers can describe about the details of the job or service to be provided. Employers can read and make a decision whether to hire a freelancer.

Order is the contract between the employer and the freelancer once the employer decides to make a payment to hire a freelancer from the job details page.

Work Page is the page where communication between the employer and the freelancer about the work the freelancer is doing takes place.

Earnings is the amount a freelancer receives after submitting the final work to the employer and being approved.

General Contract

Only users can buy or sell services on the Yorsha website.

There is no special fee to register as a Yorsha member.

Employers need to make payment to Yorsha before the order is created.

Employers can make payment by selecting the Pay button on the freelancer’s job details page after an offer has been given.

Freelancers must submit the final completed work as per the given order. Freelancers cannot cancel orders except for special cases. Cancellation of an order by a freelancer will affect the status and review given to the freelancer.

Users cannot make payments or receive payments through other channels than Yorsha only.

Employers are fully entitled to the work submitted unless there is a written agreement that the rights to the work belong to the freelancer in the job details or bidding page.

Yorsha reserves the right to take work submitted on Yorsha for use in company advertising and marketing.

We prioritize the security of your information. You can read our privacy policy which is also included in the contract of use.



For each job you complete, you will earn 90% of the quoted price which will be transferred to your bank account.

Yorsha will transfer your earnings once the order has received a “completed” status, which means the work has been submitted and approved by the employer.

If an order is canceled, the total amount paid for that order may be refunded to the employer or partially given to the freelancer. The amount will be determined by both parties with Yorsha having the final say.

The freelancer’s earnings will be transferred according to the timeframe determined by Yorsha.

Reviews will be calculated from the average review given by the employer to the freelancer after the freelancer has submitted a work according to the order. A good review will give a good reputation for a freelancer and give more trust to potential employers.


Freelancers can list their services on Yorsha free of charge.

Freelancers can list more works according to the conditions set by Yorsha.

Job information offered through Yorsha must use works or other information that are properly owned by the user themselves.

Jobs listed by freelancers may be removed by Yorsha at any time if they do not follow the contract. This includes but is not limited to illegal work or infringement of rights and intellectual property or services related to pornography or any work that Yorsha finds unsuitable or services that are likely to imitate other services or services that are considered spam or work that Yorsha realizes is unsuitable or likely to deceive or breach any third party contract.

A freelancer’s account may be suspended or banned if all of the freelancer’s work has been deleted in accordance with the above reasons.

Jobs deleted in accordance with the above reasons cannot be accessed again for further editing or use on the system.

Jobs or freelancers that receive negative reviews may be removed from the Yorsha system.

URLs in job description pages that direct users to sites other than the Yorsha site may be considered incompatible with the use of the Yorsha system and this may result in account suspension or ban.

Freelancers may upload images or videos to the job details page that relate to the services offered. These images must be the work of the relevant freelancer.

Freelancers cannot add information that results in a change in the Yorsha contract.

Income Withdrawal

Users must fill in the correct bank account information to be able to withdraw their funds.

Withdrawal of funds is done with a minimum withdrawal of $10.

Freelancers cannot withdraw income if the account has been suspended / banned.


General Contract

You cannot make payments to freelancers through channels other than the Yorsha system.

Yorsha reserves the right to use the work provided by freelancers to employers for Yorsha’s advertising or marketing purposes.


Employers must make payment to Yorsha to place an order by selecting the Pay button on the job details page after the quote has been provided by the freelancer.

Employers can make payment by credit card, money transfer, or other options available in the Yorsha system.

Service fees and system management fees for each order are charged at Rp. 6,900 of the job price.

Employers cannot make payments for Yorsha jobs through channels other than those provided by Yorsha only. Please inform Consumer Services if a freelancer asks you to make payments through other channels.

Yorsha does not store credit card information of any user to avoid fraud or data theft, however Yorsha allows payment service companies that store credit card information for the purpose of processing payments. The use of such information is subject to the payment service company’s usage contract and privacy policy.


General contract

Once the payment to the system has been confirmed, the system will create an order for you with an order number.

Freelancers must submit the completed work by selecting the “Upload Final Deliverables” button to the employer who has made payment for the work according to the contract on the job information page.

Submitting non-compliant final deliverables, e.g. submitting unfinished work or submitting deliverables that do not match the work agreement written in the offer may result in lawsuits or low review scores or account suspension/banning by Yorsha.

The order will have a Completed status once the final work is approved by the employer. If the employer does not respond or evaluate the submitted work within 72 hours, the order status will automatically change to Completed.

Yorsha highly appreciates if employers and freelancers can resolve conflicts between employers and freelancers by consensus. If the conflict is not resolved or causes a dispute, users can contact the Consumer Service team.

Orders that are inactive for more than 120 days are considered invalid. Yorsha reserves the right to take ownership of the total payment into the system for these invalid orders without prior notice.

Order Status: Start of Work

If an employer has made payment for an order, the freelancer will be notified by the Yorsha system via email and through the Yorsha website.

If a freelancer fails to submit work by the agreed due date, this may result in lawsuits or a low review rating from the employer.

A freelancer must submit the final work in accordance with what the freelancer mentioned in the job description and the agreement written in the bid.


Providing reviews on submitted work is important for the Yorsha system. Reviews provided by employers represent satisfaction with the work and services provided by freelancers.

Yorsha expects employers to communicate with freelancers on any service-related issues so that freelancers can improve service quality according to the employer’s needs.

Providing reviews is an employer’s right, reviews will not be removed for any reason unless the review violates the Yorsha usage contract.

In order to avoid unintended use of the review system, employers can only provide reviews for work that has been paid for and booked by the employer through the Yorsha system.

Unintended use of the review system will affect user accounts, both employers and freelancers, including other related accounts that may be suspended / banned by Yorsha.

Reviews provided by employers will appear on the job details page. Employers can choose not to leave a review.

Freelancers cannot refuse to submit work to force a good review from the employer.

Order Cancellation Request

Yorsha highly appreciates if employers and freelancers can resolve conflicts between employers and freelancers by consensus. If the conflict is not resolved or causes disputes, users can contact the Consumer Service team.

Yorsha will help resolve conflicts but is not responsible for any conflicts caused by employers or freelancers.

Requests to suspend payments or request for refunds addressed to payment service companies or banks or parties other than Yorsha will be considered a breach of the Yorsha usage contract. Such actions may result in account suspension or ban.

Yorsha will examine the order cancellation request and make a decision by weighing various factors including but not limited to the conformity of the work to the contract, infringement of intellectual rights, use not in accordance with the terms and conditions, and the degree of completion of the work.

An order cannot be canceled if the freelancer submits the completed work as described on the job details and quotation page. If the employer is not satisfied with the quality of service, the employer may leave an appropriate review for the freelancer’s work.

Yorsha reserves the right to cancel the order and/or the remaining payment of the order without prior notice if Yorsha becomes aware of any fraudulent use of the system through the order.

Limitation of Liability

Yorsha shall not be liable for any risks and losses arising out of and in relation to the information written by Yorsha users.

Yorsha shall not be liable for any infringement of copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, circuit layout designs, patents or other personal rights attached to goods, with respect to any information created by users. To report infringement of copyright, trademark, industrial design, circuit layout design, patent or other private rights.

Yorsha shall not be liable for any risks and losses arising in connection with the use of goods purchased through Yorsha, in the event of violation of laws and regulations.

Yorsha shall not be liable for any risks and losses arising in connection with the access of the User’s account by other parties.

Yorsha is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from transactions outside Yorsha.

Yorsha is not responsible for any risks and losses arising from errors or differences in the amount that should be transferred to the account we have specified.

Yorsha is not responsible for all risks and losses arising if the transaction has been completed by the system (funds have gone to the seller / buyer).

Yorsha is not responsible for all risks and losses arising from loss of goods when the transaction process is running and / or completed.

Yorsha is not responsible for all risks and losses arising from User or other party errors in transferring funds to Yorsha’s account.

Yorsha is not responsible for all risks and losses arising if the account is frozen and/or deactivated.

In any event, the User will pay Yorsha’s damages and/or indemnify Yorsha (including its officers, directors, employees, agents, and others) from any costs, losses, expenses or damages stemming from any third party claims or demands arising from the User’s violation of the Yorsha Rules of Use, and/or violation of any third party rights.

Refund of Payment

The total amount related to the canceled order will be refunded to the employer’s bank account.

User Practice

Yorsha is a channel that allows users to create, share, sell, and purchase services or jobs by making a payment of a certain amount set for the service or job. The services or jobs on Yorsha show the diversity and demand of the market that uses this channel for buying and selling.

Yorsha wants to build a friendly and professional environment. Yorsha encourages all users to act in accordance with the guidelines below.


To protect users’ privacy, users’ identifying information will be kept confidential.

Users cannot present personal information such as email, phone number, or any account name (LINE / Whatsapp / WeChat) to communicate and this will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions.

Users cannot request personal information from other users such as email, phone number, or any account name (LINE/Whatsapp/Wechat) to communicate and this will be considered a violation of the terms and conditions.

Requests for additional information or negotiations can be made through the communication/chat channels provided by the system.

Yorsha does not protect users who act outside the system or who violate the terms and conditions.

Users are only allowed to exchange all information through the Yorsha system only except after payment has been made to the system or has been authorized in writing by Yorsha.

Users need to use appropriate means of communication and not infringe on the rights of others. Communications that are deemed infringing may result in account suspension/banning.

Informing Violations

If the system finds inappropriate actions or gets information from other users about violations of an account, Yorsha will inform the reported account via email or website when the user logs into the account.

Yorsha reserves the right to investigate and decide whether an account is in violation.
Inappropriate Use

Pornography-related work or services – Yorsha does not allow to buy or sell any services related to pornography.

Inappropriate actions and use of inappropriate words – Users must respect each other. Yorsha will take strict action against users who bully or insult others or use inappropriate words.

Phishing and Spamming – Yorsha puts user safety first. Users should not act in an attempt to log into other people’s accounts through Yorsha. All users should respect other users by not contacting them for commercial purposes if they do not want to.

Privacy and self-identification – Users may not disclose personal information of other users. Exchange of personal information can only take place through the site. In this regard, employers and freelancers confirm and accept to use the information of the other party only for the purpose of employment through Yorsha.

Infringement of rights or intellectual property – Yorsha is not responsible for actions that lead to infringement of rights or intellectual property. Yorsha considers that such actions are the user’s own responsibility and the user accepts the consequences of such actions. Yorsha does not support infringement of rights or intellectual property in any form. Accounts of users who infringe on the rights or intellectual property of Yorsha will be suspended/banned.

Fraud or illegal use of the system – Users cannot use the Yorsha system for illegal acts.

Using the system inappropriately and spamming.

Creating more than one account – To combat fraud and improper use of the system, users can only create one account on Yorsha. Creating more than one account may result in all your accounts being suspended/banned.

Violating the rights of others – Yorsha will not tolerate users who violate the rights of other users by acting inappropriately including insulting or harassing and creating multiple accounts for such acts.

Selling user accounts – Yorsha accounts cannot be traded.

General Contract

Yorsha reserves the right to suspend an account temporarily or permanently if Yorsha finds that the account violates the terms and conditions or makes improper use of the Yorsha system.

Suspended accounts will not be able to perform any transactions on the Yorsha system.

Suspended account owners may contact Consumer Services to inquire about the account information and status.

If Yorsha investigates the ownership of a user’s Yorsha account, the user must demonstrate ownership of the account by presenting a reference such as an ID card, bank book, passport, or legal document that can identify himself/herself.

Suspended account owners can no longer make withdrawals.

User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC) is content created by any user on the system that is not generated by the Yorsha website.

All information uploaded from users on Yorsha by both freelancers and employers is considered user generated content. Yorsha does not have to investigate the information for its appropriateness or violation of the rights of others. Yorsha advises users to notify Consumer Services of any infringing use of content. If there is an infringement, the Yorsha Team will investigate the information by including additional references from the user to remove or suspend the reported information.

Yorsha is not responsible for the quality of work or services provided by freelancers to employers and Yorsha does not guarantee work will be completed by the due date.

By submitting final deliverables, freelancers confirm all rights to use any content in such deliverables. Violation of any party’s laws or contracts may lead to account suspension/banning.

Ownership and Restrictions on Use of Work

If the freelancer does not mention about restrictions on the use of the proposed work or service, the employer holds full ownership including owning the copyright and intellectual property rights to the work. The employer is considered the owner of the work if he has made payment for the work. If there is a cancellation of the order before it is submitted, the rights to the work still belong to the freelancer unless the freelancer mentions that the employer can use the content even if the order has been canceled.

In addition, all communications between the freelancer and the employer are considered private content that cannot be disclosed by either party without permission.

Users accept that Yorsha reserves the right to use content uploaded on Yorsha such as messages, photos, videos, account names, or any data including work for Yorsha’s advertising or marketing. Yorsha does not need to seek permission from the user.

Account Verification

Registered users can verify their account to get the Verified Member badge.

Users who have become part of the Verified Members, are entitled to use the services provided exclusively for Verified Members.

To become a verified Member, users are required to submit some data requested on the Account Verification page.

The data sent must be valid, true, and in accordance with what it is without manipulation of the program for any purpose.

Yorsha as a service provider has the right to reject account verification requests if it finds suspected data falsification or unclear data sent so that the manager has difficulty in examining the data sent.

In certain circumstances, Yorsha reserves the right to ask users to verify their identity before they can use their account again.

Yorsha has the right to freeze user accounts temporarily to permanently if the verification data sent is fictitious or false data.

Verification data that has been received will be stored on the server and not shared with any party except for reasons justified by law based on the applicable Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Use of the Yorsha website, information and any work or services available on the Yorsha website is at the user’s own risk. The Yorsha website, all site data, services or any products you receive from the Yorsha website are based on conditions of reliability (“as is”) and availability (“available”) without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. Neither Yorsha nor any person associated with Yorsha is responsible for the completeness, security, reliability, accuracy or availability of the website.

Yorsha, its associated persons or licensors, employees, representatives, staff, or board members disclaim any liability in the case of damages stemming from or related to the use of the site or any other services or products that users receive from the site. This includes any direct or indirect damages, in particular negligence resulting from a breach of contract. Damages may refer to personal injury, pain, suffering, mental anguish, loss of income, loss of margin, loss of business opportunities or expected margin, damage to body, property, reputation, to data, or legal cases whether even expected or not.

The above information cannot be affected by any other guarantee and cannot be refused or limited according to law.

Last Update: March 12, 2023