Yorsha Affiliate

Commissions up to millions with just clicks & shares, no minimum followers!

Easy steps to earn commissions with Affiliate Yorsha

01. Search for products & services that you want to share

Make sure the products you share do not violate the guidelines that apply in yorsha.

02. Share product & store links

Tap the “Share” icon, then paste the link in the interesting content you created on social media.

03. Yay, you can earn commissions!

Earn commissions for every verified visit and product sale whose link you share

04. Check the performance on the Dashboard, huh~

Monitor & learn about their performance regularly so that you get better at affiliate marketing!

Yorsha will pay a commission of $0.0002-$0.01 for each verified visit, and it will be credited to your Affiliate Balance 1 day after the visit is counted.

Verified visits are legitimate visits based on Yorsha Affiliate’s terms and conditions (not bots, spam or unnatural visits).
Maximum commission value of IDR50,000 for each category per sale.

Legitimate commission

Visits from users who have logged into their Yorsha account.

Unauthorized commission

Visits from users who have not logged in, bots, or other visits that violate the terms and conditions.

Notes: If we decide the referral is fraudulent it will be rejected and you will not receive anything.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Yorsha Affiliate Program?

Yorsha Affiliate Program is a program where you will get a commission for every Yorsha product sold by sharing the product link generated through the Tokopedia Affiliate platform to your social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, websites, and other public sites.

How much is the Yorsha Affiliate Program commission?

Earn up to 10% commission up to a maximum of $4 for every product sold from the product links and Shop page links you share.

When will I receive my commission?

You will receive the commission after the product you recommended has been successfully sold and the transaction status has been completed.

Can the commission I receive be withdrawn to my personal account?

The commission will go to your Affiliate Balance and you can withdraw it to your personal account.

What are the requirements for joining the Yorsha Affiliate Program?

You just need to have a Yorsha account & be active on social media